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Just like a newborn baby cries, Bauji screams initially.The resistance from air is nothing but the struggles we face in our life.However, aside from it leading to gossip about Bauji, the film does nothing significant with it, denying us a look into what the characters in his immediate life think about this development.

Another time, Bauji discovers his life’s first vice — gambling — and becomes a regular at the neighbourhood adda.

The beauty of the concept and how it plays out is that Mishra’s character is both Lear and fool.

Too often, in these kinds of films, we’re given protagonists who are either beyond reproach or flawed beyond recognition, and the stories around them usually exploit these qualities to create situations to push the filmmaker’s agenda forward.

But due to lack of publicity ,our own ignorance,and limited shows and selective movie halls make this more difficult.

Also parallel release of any big budget movie just eclipse this kind of masterpiece from the masses.

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