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Zippo’s diverse product line continues to grow, and now includes lighter accessories, butane multi-purpose lighters, men’s and women’s fragrances, lifestyle accessories, eyewear, and products for outdoor enthusiasts. Their fervor and dedication to the brand is unparalleled.

To enhance the collecting experience, Zippo collector clubs around the world hold meet ups and other events throughout the year.

The lighter is ingrained in American culture and is a global icon of durability and reliability.

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The Zippo timeline begins in the early 1930s, at the Bradford Country Club in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Blaisdell watched a friend struggle awkwardly to use a cumbersome, Austrian-made lighter. Blaisdell noted that the lighter worked well, even in the wind, due to the unique chimney, but the appearance and design was utilitarian and inefficient.

These “advertiser” lighters continue to be among collectors’ favorites.The history of Zippo Manufacturing Company is the story of its people. Blaisdell, to the many Zippo employees, customers, and collectors who have all played a vital role in the company’s rich history.Their loyalty and dedication has made Zippo one of America’s greatest and most recognizable icons.Also in the early 2000’s Zippo launched the first .The hand warmer uses Zippo premium lighter fluid and provides a steady source of heat longer than any other product on the market.

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Zippo’s continued expansion in overseas markets, particularly India and China, as well as strong domestic sales led to record sales increases in 20.

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