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I think you can expect to be seen as an ass, since you’re acting like one. It’s also one that destroys your reputation and harms your ability to get promotions, raises, and references. Getting this technical training is not only beneficial to my company as it gets them discounts and having trained people on staff is required for support of the product, but is beneficial to me as it would guarantee me a job at many other organizations.

Mali worked as an English, History and Math teacher for nine years and continues to be an advocate for teachers all over the world.Teachers can make all the difference – having a mediocre one can really damage a student’s potential, but the right one can inspire a child to greatness.I’m really honoured that a lot of teachers have told me they use comics in the classroom.Can you start taking on some of that work now, or building the skills that will allow you to later?Since it’s easy for you to create new projects for yourself, I’d do that — and might even be explicit with your boss about what why you’re doing it.

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