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The client system receives and stores the assigned client identifier and receives and displays the HTML document.In response to the selection of the order button, the client system sends to the server system a request to purchase the identified item.Each resource (e.g., computer or Web page) of the WWW is uniquely identifiable by a Uniform Resource Locator ("URL").To view a specific Web page, a client computer system specifies the URL for that Web page in a request (e.g., a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol ("HTTP") request).The server system then assigns a client identifier to the client system and associates the assigned client identifier with the received purchaser information.The server system sends to the client system the assigned client identifier and an HTML document identifying the item and including an order button.

Security is a concern because information transmitted over the Internet may pass through various intermediate computer systems on its way to its final destination.

When the client computer system receives that Web page, it typically displays the Web page using a browser.

A browser is a special-purpose application program that effects the requesting of Web pages and the displaying of Web pages.

A user, who is a potential purchaser, may browse through the catalog using a browser and select various items that are to be purchased.

When the user has completed selecting the items to be purchased, the server computer system then prompts the user for information to complete the ordering of the items.

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