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Some of the critical nutrients include the following: There is evidence that vitamin A may help improve periodontal health.It can be found in carrots, liver, sweet potatoes, eggs, cod liver oil and green leafy vegetables.While going to your dentist regularly, brushing and flossing, and reducing your sugar intake will go far in preventing bacterial infection and reducing inflammation of your gums, those steps alone are not enough.You may want to avoid smoking because people who smoke are more likely to develop gum disease.

Not having enough of vitamin K may lead to bleeding gums. Calcium is critical for the maintenance of our teeth. This mineral can be found in many foods naturally, including nuts, seeds, leafy vegetables and dairy products. For example, some over the counter medications may prevent you from absorbing calcium and certain vitamins from the food you eat.You can find the B vitamins in foods such as bananas, eggs, avocado, leafy vegetables and peanuts.Vitamin C is critical for bleeding gums and inflammation.Finally, you need to make sure that your gums are getting the nutrients they need, and in the right amounts, to stay healthy.A good analogy is trying to lose weight by only exercising and not changing your diet.

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