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Clicking the guess mode button again while still in the mode will turn your marks black again, keeping anything that was there, including any guesses you had.

Clicking the clear guess button will remove the lines and exes that aren't blue.

Clicking and dragging a line works, but will sometimes create offshoots when you don't want them. You can then mess around with the rest of the puzzle.

We are sometimes publishing free puzzle problems at the members area.

Puzzle of the Day Sudoku [Demo] Kakuro [Demo] Hanjie [Demo] Killer Sudoku [Demo] Futoshiki [Demo] ABC Logic Puzzle Jigsaw Sudoku [Demo] Sudoku X [Demo] Colour Hanjie Calcudoku [Demo] Nurikabe [Demo] 16x16 Sudoku [Demo] Slitherlink [Demo] Fillomino Killer Sudoku X [Demo] Hidoku [Demo] Hitori Extra Regions [Demo] Light Up Battleships [Demo] Dominoes Fubuki Odd/Even Sudoku [Demo] Offset Sudoku [Demo] Toroidal Sudoku [Demo] Slash Sudoku Vexus Isolate Modula Mental Arithmetic Sequences Logi-5 Number Square [Demo] Masyu is a rarely seen logic puzzle from Japan that is great fun and is sure to have you scratching your head!

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