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With Balancing Diabetes, Kerri Sparling reaches out to the real experts -- people living with type 1 diabetes -- to bring perspective to the challenges of living well with type 1.It is in the wisdom of these experts that we come to realize, as Kerri so eloquently reminds us, "Life with diabetes isn't about the diabetes itself, but about the life of which it's a part." Balancing Diabetes belongs in the home of everyone with type 1. If you're looking for a pre-printed, bound book in which to record blood glucose values, food eaten, insulin and other medications taken, then Bee Healthy Diabetic Log Book is worth a look.(A personal favorite is Graham Cracker Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.) Highly recommended for parents with school-aged children with diabetes.

Since so much of diabetes care involves good information, this is an excellent book to add to anyone's collection. Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle by Thea Cooper and Arthur Ainsberg. For pure historians, the authors have taken some liberties with some specifics in the interest of the story, but this is no work of fiction. You send your child with diabetes off to school each day, lunch in hand.

The book can be purchased directly from the publisher by calling 1-800-664-9269 or by writing to Diabetes Self-Management, P. Breakthrough is a must have addition to the library of everyone living with type 1 diabetes. --JSH Bright Spots & Landmines is just what the doctor ordered: easy-to-understand, actionable advice to help people with diabetes live well. If you're like most parents, you worry about whether or not your child will actually eat what you've packed.

Adam will guide you through food choices that make blood glucose management easier, strategies for making exercise an integral part of even your busiest day, and tips for adopting a positive mindset. In Brown Bag Success, you'll learn how to select foods that get eaten rather than traded or thrown out.

Every parent of a school-aged child should have a copy of this book to lend to teachers at the beginning of each school year.

For the many CWD readers who also live with celiac disease, Dr.

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