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This culture of fear will destroy the compassionate and trusting relationship NHS workers have with patients,” she added.Research seen exclusively by has revealed pregnant and seriously ill migrants are already going without medical care because they are afraid of receiving bills they cannot pay and subsequently being referred to the Home Office.Just this week I was caring for a critically ill woman with sepsis whilst at the same time her family were being given forms and asked to justify her eligibility,” he said.“There is a particular cruelty in a system that exploits people in their time of need and monetises the suffering of their loved ones.Evan Luckes, an A&E nurse at the Royal London hospital who is taking part in the protests, told he was shocked to find that while he was recently caring for a critically ill woman, her family was being asked to fill out forms to prove her eligibility for free healthcare.

Email Trust Temp [email protected] Telephone 01708 435000 #2292, option 2 You may be considering a different role following retirement, planning to return to work after a break, or simply want a more flexible working plan.Even though A&E is exempt from charging the checks still happen at the front door making people too afraid to access the care they need at the time the need it.” Leonie, an NHS midwife who is joining the action against the new charging rules, said: “The introduction of immigration checks has made racial profiling an NHS policy and already we are seeing an alarming number of people singled out and threatened by the institutions that are supposed to be caring for them.“You can be sure that for every woman who speaks out there are many that feel unable to do so, many who don’t go back for the treatment they need, and many whose health will suffer as a direct result.“There is a deliberate cruelty in the Government piloting these checks in maternity services, targeting women who are already pushed to the margins of society and who will find it hard to get support to challenge these letters and get the care they deserve.” Elle, a cardiology trainee at St Thomas’ Hospital, who was also taking part in the protests, claimed the Government’s new policy was “not about saving money”, highlighting that so-called “health tourism” only accounted for 0.3 per cent of the NHS budget.“It is a high price to pay for the pain and suffering this will cause to people now too afraid to access healthcare.

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