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"I have done a lot of research and talked to a lot of women in this country, and what I'm hearing is: You can't find dates, you can't find mates, you can't find husbands."Weaver, a statuesque black woman flanked by two chic employees on either side, is all long lithe limbs and wavy hair. "What you gotta do is open your mind." Weaver's not alone in her exhortation to black American women.

Her presence, despite the poor video quality, commands the screen."And I kind of thought about, like, well why is that? The idea that we should travel abroad — particularly to Europe — to find love has a home in online discussion groups, travel websites, blogs, and Facebook pages, all of which earnestly and enthusiastically encourage us to "swirl," i.e., date non-black men (the term is designed to evoke a half-chocolate, half-vanilla soft-serve).

It mentioned how much of a prankster and fun he was.

At first glance, Black Girl Travel seems to be like any other American international travel club, just one that caters exclusively to black women.

, those who handle the bodies of the recently deceased seem to work with the dead like it's no big deal.

Talk to actual morticians and funeral home employees, and it's not much different, actually; some things that would traumatize the majority of us are simply shrugged off - even if there's no explanation for the innumerable creepy things that happen when you're alone in a quiet room with a dead person.

None of the nurses or the doctor could or would tell us why the woman was blinking several hours post mortem." "Dead people get goose bumps.

The arrector pili (the tiny muscles responsible for goose bumps) go into rigor mortis after death just like every other muscle.

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My coworker and I just backed up, flattened ourselves against the windows, and watched the ruckus.

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  1. Mateen has warned that inappropriate dirty talk is the perfect way to kill the conversation and get swiped back into the pile. MAKE THE MOST OF TINDER'S LATEST FEATURESSo you're not a master wordsmith, so what? Fortunately, Tinder's got the back of its less smooth-talking, more craggy conversational users here.