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Accidental Addict is a one-hour television special intended to raise public awareness about the enormous yet silent epidemic of prescription drug addiction.

This production will face head-on a vital and compelling issue affecting millions of individuals and their families worldwide – devastating addiction to prescription drugs.

Not to be confused with a typical backyard weenie roast, Carolina barbecue is a regional culinary and cultural phenomenon dating back to settlement of the southeastern United States.

Carolina barbecue, traditionally understood to be either whole hogs or hog shoulders cooked slowly over wood coals and served with a sauce of varying parts vinegar, tomato and mustard, has been prepared in much the same way for the past three centuries.

A documentary film about barbecue culture in the Carolinas.

The film investigates the unique notion of pork barbecue as it is prepared and served throughout North and South Carolina.

Lingering signs of war are etched into the performers and the villagers for whom they perform.But this 1973/74 clash also represents a seminal event in our society’s modern energy debate, when we first realized that our country was no longer self-sufficient for oil and we had become dependent on foreign energy sources.Events during this era parallel many contemporary issues we face in our current energy debate and provides disturbing lessons for the development of our energy future. Birds of Passage (Aves de Paso) explores the emotional connections people have with the places they are from through the stories of three young, emerging songwriters in Montevideo, Uruguay.Members from every echelon of Cambodian culture, from His Royal Highness King Norodom to impoverished villagers watching the show, are included in expressing what this art form means to them, and to the healing of their nation.The Battle for Durham Point and America’s Energy Future is a documentary on the historic confrontation between one of the world’s richest men who sought to expand his empire by building the world’s largest oil refinery in Durham, New Hampshire and three housewives fighting to preserve their community.

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The Ambassador follows internationally-known indigenous leader MOI ENOMENGA as he struggles to protect the Taromenani from the forces of civilization rapidly closing in around them.

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