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The lip prints, once developed, can be used for the sex determination and personal identification of individuals.

based on the numerical superiority of certain morphological patterns seen in either sex, in their study [Table 1].

The use of persistent lipsticks is highly prevalent now and they, being nontransferable in nature, leave latent lip prints.

Lysochrome can be applied in the development of latent lip prints generated by longstanding persistent lipsticks.

J Forensic Dent Sci [serial online] 2015 [cited 2018 Jan 11];5-200. 2015/7/3/195/172434Establishing the identity of an individual, in a forensic context, through sex determination is of great ethical and humanitarian use.

In the upper right (UR) quadrant, it was found that Type I was more prevalent in females and Type II in males, and Type III and Type IV occurred only in males [Table 3] and [Figure 3].

In the upper left quadrant (UL), it was found that Type I (39%) was the most prevalent lip pattern based on numerical superiority [Figure 2].

The prints were then developed using lysochrome dyes, and all the samples were blinded and then graded based on defined patterns from the Suzuki and Tsuchihashi classification. Two examiners were able to determine the correct sexes from the given sample sizes.

Their interobserver agreement was assessed using the kappa coefficient for males (κ =0.870) and females (κ = 0.870).

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